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Payment methods

Payment options:

* We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express

* If you prefer to do an online transfer, our Butterfield account numbers are: (BD$) 20006060516859100 (USD$) 8400200630019 (please reference your receipt number and email [email protected] with a screenshot of your payment confirmation)

* We take payments over the phone.

Financing policy: 

* Step 1- a standard credit check.

* Step 2- a down payment of 50% of the purchase is required.

* Step 3- a payment plan of up to 12 months will be established between the customer and the sales representative including a 7% financing fee on the balance.


Customers may take advantage of our layaway plan, at no charge, for a maximum of 30 days. Furniture Walk reserves the right to charge a storage fee of $250 per month and a 7% financing charge for any items that have not been picked up or delivered after 30 days. Storage fees and financing charges will be billed to the customer. If a customer cancels a sale that is in layaway, a restocking fee of 15% will be applied.